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Thank you for your support! For the Love of Dog - Rottweiler and Pitbull Rescue of New Hampshire and the North East US.
About For the Love of Dog - rottweiler & pitbull rescue in NH

My name is Tyler and I represent our collective family. Our moms rescue dogs. Mostly rottweilers, but they love all dogs as long as they are good dogs. Our moms have started two rottweiler rescue groups, and decided that they are happier without politics and happier just placing dogs one at a time on their own. OK, so our house often has more than one at a time, and sometimes our moms' friends take dogs to help them out when there are too many.

Our moms do this out of the goodness of their hearts (and we do too, cause sometimes we have to put up with other dogs in our "space" who bark and whine, or who are sick, or who don't like us and challenge us). Our moms are not rich, they don't have tons of extra time, and sometimes we get less love than we wish we'd have because they are caring for other dogs. And sometimes we understand, and sometimes we're just jealous and want our moms to ourselves. But we are all rescued dogs too, so somewhere along the line ~ like when I joined the family ~ other dogs (like Rima and Rudy) got less Mom-time. And I guess as much as sometimes we wish they were "just our moms", we understand that without us being accommodating, all of them would die in whatever shelter they left behind.

We have some good friends that help us out, some of them let dogs stay at their homes, and some of them make financial contributions to help, but pretty much they rescue dogs as they have the money to do so. And the sell cool stuff (that's Rima and me on the Fred & Piggy bandanas!) to help pay for various expenses like gas and tolls, medical expenses for dogs who are sick, office and web site stuff, etc. And sometimes when a dog is just not safe in society, they have to send the dog to heaven ~ and that costs money too.

When someone becomes the guardian of one of their dogs they ask that the guardian reimburse them for all of the expenses related to that dog.  You can become a guardian of one of our moms' dogs by filling out an application to adopt. The list of dogs is right here, and they know lots more dogs that need homes than they can take to our house. All of the dogs are temperament tested for human interaction, food and toy possessiveness, behavior with other animals ~ including CATS (a four letter word, if you ask me). They are then in foster homes before they are adopted out.

Our mom puts out a newsletter each month called Rotts on Parade. It's for everyone - not about one rescue group, and not about one dog. She believes that all dogs should have a chance, and that there are a lot of rescue people in New England who want to place rottweilers. She has long wanted all of the rescue groups to get along (cause we think there are like five groups, and they all evolved out of each other, and while everyone rescues differently, there are a lot of good rottweilers that need places to go!). So Rotts on Parade was born.

We hope you will become the guardian of one of our dogs. They are all good kids, and need good families.


aka North East's Boston Rocker, CD, CGC, TT, TDI, HIC

For the Love of Dog - Rottweiler Rescue of New Hampshire is a New Hampshire corporation and a registered charity in New Hampshire operating under the federal tax exempt status of 501c3. The organization is also a licensed animal shelter in the state of New Hampshire, a good-standing member of the Mayor's Alliance of New York City, the Animal Rescue Network of New England, and a Code of Ethics Rottweiler Rescue organization.

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Funding for our relocation grants from South Florida comes partially from an ASPCA grant
Funding for our South Florida transports comes partially from a grant from the ASPCA




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