When You Can't Keep Your Rottweiler

Dear Rottweiler Owner,

More than anything, we understand your frustration and worries about your dog. Before you do ANYTHING ELSE, please read this information: 

When You Can't Keep Your Rottweiler

Why did we ask you to do this? So we're not being redundent...

IF you are received a non-renewal notice from your insurance company, we can help you find a new one.

IF you are having training issues with your dog, PLEASE let us help you find a GOOD trainer/behaviorist. There are several EXCELLENT ones in NH and MA, and if you're out of that area, we'll help you find one. Your dog does NOT want to be rehomed, and quite honestly - the shelters are FULL of dogs who only need training to make them good dogs. We are far more likely to take a homeless dog who needs training, than we are to take your training burden off your hands because you don't want to or don't have the time to deal with it. You'll be amazed at how far consistency and structure go with your rottweiler.

Having REAL behavior problems? Read So Who's in Charge Here? This is THE single best piece of training advice that I've ever read. Please, use it.

Please understand that WE are not miracle workers. We are ordinary people too. We have jobs, children, families, dogs of our own, and sometimes even outside interests! If you won't commit the time needed to help your dog - and he's YOUR dog - why do you expect us to? (no, it's not our "job". We don't get paid) Think about it.

If you're moving, can't find a place to live, getting divorced - the article above covers all of that. We have all BEEN where you are and made it through. If you need some encouragement, pats on the back, people to socialize with your dog in your new area, etc. THAT we can help with.

We do not have a long list of potential homes waiting for dogs. We have a long list of homeless dogs waiting for our foster homes, however. There are far more rottweilers out there than there are homes. If, after reading the above information, you absolutely feel that you MUST find a home for your dog, and have decided that training and housing can't be accomplished, we will:

  • List your dog on our referral page at no cost, with you as the contact person.
  • We will provide you the means to adequately screen applicants for your dog.
  • You will need to provide a paragraph about your dog and a copy of the dog's spay/neuter certificate (may be emailed).
  • Your dog's bio must include the dog's age, temperament characteristics, whether the dog has lived with children and other animals, it's general location (i.e. southern NH), and your contact information. Email is fine.
  • A GOOD photograph of your dog
  • YOU are responsible for letting us know if your dog has been adopted.

This service is available for dogs in MA, NH, Maine and VT ONLY. All of this should be emailed to fortheloveofdog@tds.net.

We will update this site monthly. If we are unable to contact you via email, we will delete your dog from our list.

~The Crazy Rottweiler Crew

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Updated: 7/6/2005

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