Available Rottweilers

Maggie is an energetic 6 month old rottie mix. She has been living peacefully with three cats and two adults. She currently lives with an 11 year old boy that she tollerates, but doesn't trust (and he has given her no reason not to trust him). Maggie's foster family has already taken her through obedience classes, and are waiting for a perfect home. Maggie lives with other dogs and cats in her foster home in New Hampshire More...

She's a loving 5 year old Rottweiler that craves affection. She's an obedient dog-she knows, sit, down, stay, paw and speak!  Sandy looking for just the right family to give her a good home. She gets along with some dogs, but not cats. Massachusetts. More

It's hard to miss a 103 pound Rottweiler in the room, and stoic, noble and sometimes silly Caesar is a majestic 7 year old. He was surrendered because his owners could no longer care for him and Caesar did not enjoy children climbing on him any longer. Caesar has a sterling resume from his previous owner and he is gentlemanly in the house and car, loves to play and snuggle, and was devoted to his family. More ... Maine

This 6 yr young rottie mix boy will easily complete your family. Teddy is wonderful with people, appropriate with other dogs, and not even interested in the cat~! Don't miss this laid back boy who doesn't need to be taught manners! New York state more

Please check with these rescue groups for their current listings!

Cathy's Rottie Rescue Rehab

For the Love of Dog - Rottweiler Rescue of NH
Hillsboro, NH

Hot Water Rescue
Collinsville, CT

Majesty Rottweiler Rescue
Darlington, MD

MCM Rottweiler Rescue
Long Island, NY

Mountain Rottie Rescue of New York
Monticello, NY

North East Rottweiler Rescue
Portsmouth, RI

NoVa Rottweiler Rescue
Kensington, MD

Odd Dog North
Southern Maine

Odd Dog Rescue

Pet Paws for Love
Garfield, NJ

Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 24, 2007
Pet Adoption Day
First Congregational Church in Pelham, NH
11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

May (date TBA) 2007
Friends & Family BBQ & Fun Day
Hopkinton State Park
Hopkinton MA
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

'We Are Not Disposible'
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Can't Adopt a Dog? Make a Difference Anyway!

Every day, I get emails that say "I don't know how you do it." and "Let me know if I can ever do anything to help." and "I love looking at your site, but I just can't adopt another dog right now." 

Here's your chance to help, even if you aren't read to adopt a dog.

Below is a list of things that most rescue organizations need regularly. I know that we always need help in all of these areas:

Things you can do

~Hold a yard sale with proceeds to benefit the dogs
~Redeem cans & bottles and donate the proceeds to rescue
~Put up a ‘pennies for pets’ can in the lunch room at work
~Hold a used blanket drive (we need blankets NOW!)
~Buy a season ticket to the lottery - and split half of any winnings with the rescue group
~Buy cool things for you and your canine friends
~Silent auction - each year. Join us and bid on some great prizes, or donate an item to auction off.
~Volunteer! (More info)
~Sponsor -- a dog, a kennel run, a payment on much-needed van (More info)
~Make a donation -- dog or office supplies, old linens or an unwanted vehicle (More info)
~When all else fails... a financial contribution is always appreciated!

Financial Contributions
Donations may be made by check, money order, cash or via PayPal. Checks & money orders may be mailed to us at the address below. Cash should be donated in person at any of our upcoming events and a cash receipt will be provided. Credit card and PayPal donations may be made via the link below. Donations are tax deductable*.

For the Love of Dog
Rottweiler Rescue of NH
PO Box 753
Hillsboro NH 03244

Double your contribution! Many companies offer matching contributions! Contact yours to see if they do! 

Donate Items
Heartguard 51 -100 lb
Frontline 45-88 lb
Postage stamps
Pre-paid gas cards
Blankets, towels
Dog toys, peanut butter, kong stuff
Cleaning supplies – SpicNSpan, paper towels, Bleach, white trash bags
Unscented laundry detergent
XL Airline crates
Transport supplies – bungee cords, ZIP ties, ZIPLOCK bags
22” nylon collars and 6’ nylon leads
2 quart stainless hanging water buckets
Gift cards to WalMart, Home Depot, Target

Donate a Vehicle
That can be resold. For the Love of Dog - Rottweiler Rescue can accept a vehicle as a donation that can be resold. We regret that we can not accept a vehicle without a title or that can not be resold. The resale value of the vehicle is your tax deduction. Please contact Dale for further information.

Special Funds
Mikie’s Fund
A fund for special needs dogs

Manhattan Mutts
This fund helps us move dogs quickly and out of harms way in New York City.

Transport Team Members
Like to drive? Every weekend, we move dogs from either shelters, short term foster homes or kennels in lower New York state and northern New Jersey to New Hampshire. Travel time is generally 60-90 minutes, and is critical to saving the lives of deserving dogs. If you have a couple of hours to spare on the weekends and like to drive, we'd love to hear from you!

Foster a dog
Foster homes are critical to re-acclimating a shelter dog into family life. The foster dog lives as part of the family participating with the entire canine and human family in its daily events. Foster dogs stay, generally about a month. Short term fosters (post-spay, etc) are also needed. Mass, NH, southern VT and southern ME locations. Foster Application
If you're in New York State or Northern NJ, please contact our affiliates: Krissie in New York State or Linda in New Jersey

Volunteer at the Kennel
For the Love of Dog has been sharing kennel space in Pelham NH with the Animal Rescue Network since 2004. Volunteers are needed as little as an hour a week to walk dogs, clean & feed, and assist with kennel duties. Email for more information

Office Workers
Writing letters, filling out forms, making phone calls -- if you're organized, we've got a job for you! New England location preferred. Email for more information

A sponsorhip can be in any denomination and for any dog. Donations over $100 will receive a personalized letter and photo from their sponsored canine. Some suggested amounts are listed below.

Sponsor a Dog
Spay/Neuter for one dog - $120
Sponsor a kennel run for a homeless dog for a week - $70
Food for one dog, for one month - $30
Vaccines for one dog - $25
Help us purchase and maintain our van

In February 2007, the rescue realized that the 13 yr old Dodge van that transported hundreds of dogs over the year - was not safe to drive. We've spent thousands of dollars renting them from Enterprise, and maintaining a vehicle with almost 200,000 miles in 2006. We agreed to purchase a 2004 Ford E-150 van. Our monthly payment is $270. Any contribution helps to offset the cost of purchasing this vehicle.

Thank you in advance from the bottom of the animals' hearts. The volunteers would kiss you, but we're all sure you'd rather a sloppy canine kiss!

Since 1998, I have been taking dogs from the Center for Animal Care & Control in New York City. In 2005, we moved 25 dogs into permanent homes from the city. In 2006, we moved 52 dogs into permanent homes from the city. The NYCACC takes in all stray and city impound dogs as well as owner turn ins and averages 3000 animals a month. Owners are allowed 72 hours to reclaim their dog, or the dog becomes available for adoption or may be euthanized. To get these dogs to safety, we need to move them to boarding space. DISCOUNTED boarding space in New York is $25/day. That gets expensive quickly and we need HELP  with it.

Since the creation of Manhattan Mutts in August 2006, we have been able to bring in an additional ten deserving dogs, with more to come. Because of your generosity, Cayenne, Mandy, Duke & Rocket are safe.

More Information & Dogs Needing Help NOW.
~We take several dogs every week. Your continued support is needed. ~

Author makes no representations as to the temperament and health of these animals and takes no responsibility for the accuracy of their information. Communications should be addressed to the designated rescue organization relative to each animal.
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