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At 5+ years, Rosie found herself a stray in CT. This rottie girl is safe with kids, cats and other dogs and is seeking a family home where she can enjoy life. More...


Boss is a 6 year old neutered rottweiler. An illness in the family resulted in Boss coming to the shelter along with his girlfriend rottie Aubrey. He's fine with kids and other dogs, especially Aubrey and Buddy the two companions he came in with. No cats for Boss. He's house broken, crate trained and a big love bug. Maine More...

Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose is a lovely rottie mix pup between 6-8 months old. Gypsy Rose is social with all dogs and kids and is good with cats. She has the personality that will match most large dog families, and we are pleased to offer this wonderful pup for adoption! A course in obedience is mandatory for Gypsy Rose. New York State. More...


This 4 year old spayed rottie girl is sitting in Animal Care and Control of NYC (Manhattan shelter). Her days there are numbered. Rescue is full - there's no more room to bring her in. Here's what the volunteers have to say: "Betsy is a nice gal. She is friendly, walks briskly and totally minds her own business with other dogs. She is housetrained.  Her coat has a silvery reflection. She also knows simple commands.  She is a little overfed or may not have received the exercise a dog her age needs (she's 4 years old). She appears healthy otherwise. A very good  and solid dog. She is good with other dogs and has no resource/food guarding issues." The shelter can tell you no more about this dog, but if you're interested in her and are willing to drive to Manhattan, please ask for her as A736216. Directions

Please check with these rescue groups for their current listings!

National List of Adoptable Dogs

Cathy's Rottie Rescue Rehab

For the Love of Dog - Rottweiler Rescue of NH
Hillsboro, NH

Hot Water Rescue
Collinsville, CT

Majesty Rottweiler Rescue
Darlington, MD

MCM Rottweiler Rescue
Long Island, NY

Mountain Rottie Rescue of New York
Monticello, NY

North East Rottweiler Rescue
Portsmouth, RI

NoVa Rottweiler Rescue
Kensington, MD

Odd Dog North
Southern Maine

Odd Dog Rescue

Pet Paws for Love
Garfield, NJ

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Sunday, December 2, 2007
Pets Photos with Santa AND
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11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Sunday, November 18, 2007
PetsMart of Concord NH
Meet & Greet and Dog Holiday Gifts!
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Saturday, December 15, 2007
Pet Photos with Santa
Best Friends Pet Resort & Salon
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Rewards Program [is] No Reward for Dogfighters

Reprint from the Humane Society of the United States
By Ariana Huemer, a cruelty caseworker for The HSUS

November 2, 2007

Dogfighters haven't gotten any free passes since the Michael Vick-inspired public backlash against dogfighting, but now they'll have an even harder time perpetuating cruelty to dogs.

An army of attorneys general, legislators and other high-ranking elected officials is amassing to support and promote The HSUS's new $5,000 reward program, aimed at bringing illegal animal fighting to an end.

Leading the Charge

  • South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, a long-time champion for animal protection, is one of these champions for animals. Among his other achievements, McMaster prosecuted and obtained a record 40-year prison sentence for notorious dogfighting ringleader David Tant in 2005. McMaster also teamed up with The HSUS to record a public service announcement (PSA) announcing The HSUS's newly increased $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any illegal animal fighter.

  • Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal also recorded a PSA for The HSUS's animal fighting reward program. And he launched a new animal-fighting hotline for Connecticut residents to report illegal animal fighting activities.

  • Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann launched his own efforts against illegal animal fighting with a PSA.

  • And Delaware Congressman Mike Castle recorded a PSA to help publicize The HSUS' animal fighting reward program.

Ringside Support

The HSUS's animal fighting rewards program is not new. For many years, the standing reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of illegal animal fighters was $2,500.

But a generous donation from the Ware Foundation and an influx of member support for our animal fighting program supplied the necessary resources to double this reward to $5,000—providing a considerable incentive for dogfighters on the fence to get out of the bloodsport, and ensure that others do, too.

What You Can Do

  • Encourage your local radio station to run a PSA about our dogfighting reward fund.

For the Love of Dog works with local animal control and enfocement entities to assist with the bully breeds as space allows. Consider fostering one of these dogs to allow us to further help with them. For the Love of Dog will not take a dog and allow it to languish in a boarding kennel for months on end. The average foster timeframe for bully breeds is 4 months.

For the Love of Dog is a New Hampshire corporation and a registered charity in New Hampshire operating under the federal tax exempt status of 501c3.
For the Love of Dog - PO Box 753 - Hillsboro NH 03244 - www.4theloveofdog.org

Since 1998, I have been taking dogs from the Center for Animal Care & Control in New York City. In 2005, we moved 25 dogs into permanent homes from the city. In 2006, we moved 52 dogs into permanent homes from the city. The NYCACC takes in all stray and city impound dogs as well as owner turn ins and averages 3000 animals a month. Owners are allowed 72 hours to reclaim their dog, or the dog becomes available for adoption or may be euthanized. To get these dogs to safety, we need to move them to boarding space. DISCOUNTED boarding space in New York is $25/day. That gets expensive quickly and we need HELP  with it.

Manhattan Mutts are is in need of help for the following dogs that will be brought in THIS WEEK: Clark, Tina, Tanya, Jarrett & Kerri.

~We take several dogs every week. Your continued support is needed. ~

Original Holiday Greeting Cards ...
drawn by Helen Brogna

Hand desgined by our own Helen Brogna with images of our own dogs, these holiday greetings are one of a kind. Measuring 4" X 5.5", each package contains 20 greeting cards (5 of each style).

~$20 each or 2 for $35, includes shipping

One Package of Holiday Greetings
Two Packages of Holiday Greetings

Check out our Other Cool Stuff for you and your dog!

Foster Homes Needed!

Foster homes for rottweilers and bully breed dogs are greatly needed. If you can open your heart to an extra dog, it will be rewarding for you, beyond compare. Apply to foster

Can't foster a dog? Sponsor a kennel run to keep these dogs safe.

Author makes no representations as to the temperament and health of these animals and takes no responsibility for the accuracy of their information. Communications should be addressed to the designated rescue organization relative to each animal. Rotts On Parade is an independent publication provided by Dale P Green. Site and contents Copyright 2007 Dale P. Green. All Rights Reserved.
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